The Royal Oak Team

We Achieve our Clients Objectives...
Through Good Times and Bad!

Dream. Plan. Achieve 
A dream without a plan will always be just that: a dream.

Our focus is to build a plan to achieve your dreams by sharing our knowledge and expertise on investments, tax, estate, education and retirement planning. We bring a variety of products, service and advice to the table while keeping the emphasis on your long term goals.

One of the things we are most proud of is providing you with the confidence that comes from knowing that your plan is taking shape and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your dreams will be achieved.

It starts with your dream, we build the plan and together, celebrate the achievement.

  The IPC Royal Oak Team

 Our client centered focus combined with the application of our unique balanced financial planning and
investment program has helped us to preserve capital while at the same time provide required income
and reduce personal income tax. That's tough to beat, almost as tough as our competitive fee structure. 
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 Midori Hills Tracey Rompain   Jennifer Huizinga
Midori Hillis
Certified Financial
Tracey Rompain
Certified Financial
Jennifer Huizinga
Branch Manager
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Jason Hillis
Sales Associate
Andrea Somers
Peggy Sheppard
Accredited Mortgage